Monday, October 11, 2010


Breathless was one of those paintings where you don't know what you're doing until you've done it. It started off as a stress reliever and then became something else entirely. It has a certain quality that makes one want to daydream or make interpretations... but in truth trying to explain this painting has me at a loss. My brother Matthew told me he thought Breathless is what a dream looks like. I don't know if you'd agree, but I really loved that way of looking at it!

Breathless took me one week to paint, while I listened to Tolstoy's War and Peace, which happened to be way different than what I was expecting. I've come to the conclusion that Tolstoy is kind of like the Jane Austen of Russia, and I really love Jane Austin.


  1. I'm just blown away. That's utterly amazing!

  2. It's funny you bring up Austen. My daughter's analyzing an Austen book in English class right now and she said - mom, I'd enjoy it so much more if I wasn't picking out every possible interpretation and possible... maybe she just wrote the story because it needed to be written! That's what I think of Breathless -- it must have needed to be painted more than it needs to be interpreted. Good literature changes us subtly and in deep places sometimes, without our even realizing it -- isn't that true of art? I love the composition, by the way.

  3. Love your eye, Davs.
    I'm more inclined to go along w/your brothers "dream" analogy.
    Definitely the movement from subconscious 'particles' to conscious
    'maps' (of characters, islands, shores, portals, mouths, cells, solar,
    atoms, etcetera) of course the 'waves' of energy, (tides, sounds, layered skins, emotional connections) all presented in a dreamy and soothing aqua atmospheric tones.
    This is a great exploration of internal cum external.
    Simply put; I like it.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting @ D*fusion !!

  4. My first thought was that it looks like I'm looking at something from above or a microscopic image of some sort. I really like it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Hi there!
    So glad you left a comment on my blog (thanks) so that I could find your great art!! Im going to have to visit your Etsy shop as I really love what you are doing. And those little nesting dolls!! How cute are those?!

    When I looked at Breathless before reading I got the impression of a tree growing up into the clouds or perhaps a scene under water. Love the colors and design!

    Keep up the great work, I am following now so will be stopping by again to see some more eye candy!

  6. Girl, you have such a brilliant never ceases to amaze me!! I follow all of your work when each new piece is posted. I find myself staring and completely losing myself in the colors, in the lines, in the emotion. I love it when you tell us what music or book you are listening to because I truly believe the artist's it sounds, sights, emotions....all create that ending creation, often different from what you intended it to be in the beginning. Breathless is, well, truly breath taking...

  7. Holy crap Ms. Davs, your art is amazing! Keep up the good work, whatever you're doing, don't stop!

  8. I love your work and this one's great, at first glance it reminded me of Van Gogh's almond branches in bloom, but you have added so much texture and dimension. Thanks for visiting my blog too.