Friday, March 18, 2011

Palette 1

Palette 1 was my first experience with a palette knife. It was a lot of fun, but harder than I was expecting it to be. Also although I normally paint abstracts this one's a little different as it has no distinguishable form or figure to it. For some reason this kind of unstructured art has been grabbing at me lately so I feel pretty happy that I was able to compose an unstructured abstract piece myself.

Palette 1 took me about 2 weeks to complete including drying time in between layers. While I painted I listened to The Yokota Officers Club by Sarah Bird which if you're into hearing about memories and dreams over and over again I would recommend the book.. But despite her fantastic descriptions and creatively worded phrases I was not so into the content, though I was glad to discover Sarah Bird as a writer.

Hope you enjoy my painting, thanks for visiting my blog! ;)


  1. So funny.....Yokota Officer's Club????? NEVER heard of it but from your recommendation I'm actually going to buy it.....okay.....and I'm moving to Yokota July 5, I-kid-you-not :)Pam

  2. Wow! That is so funny! I hope you like it there! Hope you like the book!:)