Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Carré is the French word for squared. I've decided that paintings with French names just look better for some reason... I know, I know how pretentious it must be for someone who is not French and who doesn't even speak French to name their paintings with French names but I figure being that I'm an artist that somehow I can get away with it!

Carré was a fun project. I'm a color fiend and was happy to include most every color in the collection of oil paints that I have. I've been trying my hand at new styles of art lately just to get out of the painters block I've been experiencing and have found that I'm really into this blocky style of painting. I'm a self taught painter and honestly have not studied art much outside of my own experimentation but a friend of mine pointed out that this painting was sort of Piet Mondrian-esk so of course I googled him and found that indeed it is... sort of, but like she said in pastels:) I'm working on a couple more blocky paintings right now and am excited to see where I go with them too, we'll see.
While painting Carré...
I listened to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and was pleasantly surprised by the fluidity and what I can only describe as poetic style of writing. Frankenstein has made it into my top ten.:)


  1. LOL! Yes an artist can get away with that I think. Luv your new style choice and all the colors. I luv the book Frankenstien too. Mary Shelley is an awesome author. I still remember it from English class, and learning that Frankenstein was the name of the man that created the monster, not the name of the monster. Before that we always thought the Frankenstien was the monster. Ha!

  2. Thank you Kelly:) And I thought the same thing about Frankenstein!